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The vines

The complete renovation of the vineyards, skipping from the traditional overhead wheel-spoke training called Bellussi, to new systems, which allow a greater density of vines per hectare, has permitted to progressively expand the cultivated surface reaching the 32 hectares of today's land.

The winery

Among the vineyards of the Piave area, on these lands cultivated since 1779 by the Lucchese family, the estate “Lucchese Silvio & Sons” was founded, and in 2008 the company’s name was modified to include the trademark "Capoest Lucchese".

Estate and hospitality

In the Doc Piave territory, vines have been cultivated for at least three millennia. In this area, so large and diverse, the presence of many types of vines intertwines with a significant historical and artistic heritage.

The Malanotte

Malanotte del Piave DOCG represents the highest expression of the Raboso Piave and the territory. The name “Malanotte” recalls the small medieval town Tezze di Piave, situated in the municipality of Treviso, Vazzola. Borgo Malanotte preserves the history of these lands.