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The Winery

The company was founded in 1986, when Luciano Lucchese decided to devote his life to the vinification of the grapes grown by his father for the past generations, in the family estate of San Paolo di Piave since 1779.

In 2008, the company’s name “Lucchese Silvio & Sons”, was modified to include the trademark “Tenuta Capoest Lucchese’: from the denomination "field to the east," the property where the winery and the owners' homes now stand.

Throughout the whole year, the direct care of the vineyards, the work in the cellars and the constant presence on the market through trade fairs, exhibitions and tastings, also international ones, allow the company to let people discover and appreciate a piece of Treviso’s history and culture, which is an attraction for all of those who love rare and unusual products of outstanding quality.

The cultivation of white grapes and local traditions, such as Pinot Grigio, Prosecco and Manzoni, has led the Company towards success.